The Mananga Watershed is located in the lower portion of Cebu. This covers 16 barangays of the cities of Cebu and Talisay, with a total area of 68.11 km2. The main river of the watershed is the Mananga River, while its tributaries include Manipis River, Sinsin River, Wapairan River, Managuksok River and Morga Creeks (University of San Carlos & DENR Region VII, 2000). The Mananga Watershed is one of the protected watersheds in the province of Cebu as declared in Presidential Proclamation 1074 and 581 (University of San Carlos & DENR Region VII, 2000).


                 The Mananga Watershed together with Buhisan Watershed, Sudlon National Park, Central Cebu National Park, and Kotkot-Lusaran Watershed were consolidated into one protected area known as the Central Cebu Protected Landscape (CCPL) by Presidential Proclamation 441 of 2003 and by Republic Act 9486 of 2007 pursuant to the NIPAS (National Integrated Protected Areas System) Act of 1992 (Republic Act 7586 of 1992). It is located between and north latitude and between and east longitude. The location of Mananga Watershed is shown in Figure 2.1.